The   below is random screenshot from when page was active before it was taken down by hackers... Whoever wants to restore the site and/or own and do with it what you like, please contact at seach youtube and check out some of my videos on the subject. And go to for more of the past site. I will post a link shortly. Gob Bless!

Update 3 Months after getting site back up, it was down again. So any emails sent about purchasing this domain please re-send before we place it up for bidding on Sedro. So server is back up,. Our SEO rating can't be high. But this site was original purchased because I knew more and more people would see the federal government and what is really going on and who is telling the though. What better word than Fuck to use. The shirt for one sold well. It could be easily turned not a online community or  something about the Federal Reserve. Other domain for sale soon include which I am listing via sedo on July 4th for bidding. I will not selll this set to anyone related to the fed no matter what price is offered. The would like to simply own it and close it and so I make sure each buyer is legit. Why? well, for one I 'm Ron Paul Girl and I know what's up and secondly I have this damn thing called integrity and care! Integrity sometimes costs you some money, but I will never sell out. This is why I am selling randpaulgirl too, which I had eveyr intention of selling always because I dont personally back Rand or anyone, we just encourage them by voting and the system in trying to remain control yet they really have none. We the people do...I do back nobody for president 2016. Stay awesome my fellow peeps! And if pic is too big to see then upgrade your browser or something! I had to show what at least I worked on developing for a year. Just to get seo rating up just to bring it down by servers being down later. So have some foresight in this domain and consider the possibilities and the fact that the fed is getting more and more unliked. They didn't understanf End the Fed, so Fuck must get a response. Th eF word should be used when going up against evil. There are some great people in federal government, like 3, but it's time has come to be fucked. Excuse my language but we vouldnt of funded al these wars nor sunk the titanic to pass a bill in 1913 if it not for the feral reserves ability to print money that isn't real money. OK glad we got that out of the way. Now submit bids or questions but I only want serious buyers because it just clogs the email server well cna't take another crash again. Or we might have to start all over a third time! I will fix that and allow unlimited emails with no limit to size. So when you read this, the above will be done.

 But please send only serious bids above 5,000$ USA dollars

website screenshot